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Client Reviews

  • "I will always value the emotional well-being that Esther brought into my life."
  • "Esther has allowed me to see myself. She is an open person, and her openness took away from me my own curtains."
  • "Esther puts everything into perspective. She doesn’t let anyone get away with anything. She saved my marriage."
  • "There always was a disconnect between what I was feeling and what I was doing. Esther helped me keep myself very real in terms of seeing what the actual reality is and how I can go forward in a positive way."
  • "Esther appreciates very much when another person comes into contact with their true selves, and she cares about another person. I will always value and appreciate the emotional well-being that she brought into my life. She taught me what it feels like to be whole and healthy."
  • "With Esther everything makes sense. She makes things fall into place, because there’s no arguing with the truth. It just is what it is. But she never told me what to do - she has helped so many people this way."
  • "I trust Esther with both eyes closed."
  • "My whole family knows about Esther. With her help, I’ve found myself."