• About

  • Esther Moskovitz

    For over 20 years, Esther has been helping individuals and families bring peace and a feeling of wellbeing into their lives. Restored and rejuvenated, her clients find they can overcome challenges that seemed insurmountable, and go on to sustained personal growth in every area of their lives. As a licensed social worker specializing in parenting, marriage, and personal growth, Esther sees a broad spectrum of clients in her private practice office in Suffern, New York, and by phone all across the region.

    Esther’s therapeutic approach is to provide compassionate, interactive support and practical feedback to help clients identify and address personal life challenges. Her areas of expertise include enhanced communication methods, childhood development theories, family dynamics, and inner-child healing.

    For each client Esther creates a personalized treatment plan, integrating complementary methodologies that are tailored to the client’s specific needs and experiences. She then builds on each individual’s strengths to help them attain significant personal growth that builds on itself over time.

    Esther is a graduate of Fordham University. She has trained in Imago Relationship Methods and the 5-step Recovery Model for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents. She has delivered transformational workshops to groups and general audiences on the topics of Imago Communication and Healing from Parental Narcissism.